This Lucky Lass wants to wish eveyone a fun and sexy St Patriack’s Day!!

Here is InCharacter Costumes’ cover girl, the Beautiful Butterfly! Love the concept sketch, fabric swatches, inspiration, and the final editorial shot. 

Today our designer Kim M. fills us in on yet another source of inspiration for her - Hearst Castle:

I took a trip recently up to Morro Bay and San Simeon. During this trip, I made a long desired pilgrimage to Hearst Castle. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, and even though my memories were mostly of me being antsy and not wanting to walk for several hours, I still remember how the beauty of the castle made an impression on me. My visit didn’t disappoint, as I found an abundance of  inspiration wandering through the castle and it’s lush gardens. These photos are just a small sampling of images I took during my visit.

And with that, Kim M. returned to In Character costumes, full of inspiration for our 2013 line!


Our technical designer extraordinaire Kim F. came across these images and found them inspirational and so avante garde.  Costumes (made from tires), art direction, and photography done by Mierswa & Kluska, a munich-based photography studio, for Goodyear Dunlop. 

Our designer David gave us another sneak peek into one of the new styles he’s working on for2013! Check out his inspirational image and two macro shots of fabrics and trims. 

 You will fly away in this new Costume Confidential style for 2013! 

"Our recent Inspiration for the Line Design of our Costume Confidential line was inspired by the Palace of Versailles. Looks like for Karl Lagerfeld is following suit for his new Chanel Resort 2013 Collection, they had their Photo Shoot at the same place!


Link to Blog:

Today our designer Kim F. shares some curious apparel inspiration she came across:

I came across this woman’s website through another blog.  Egle Cekanaviciute is a fashion designer from Lithuania. Her website (link below) is pretty eclectic and I found it hard to grasp.  But I pulled images that are curious and inspirational for us in costume design. 


She has managed to incorporate real plants in the clothes she designed and make the whole thing look couture-like. My favorite is the burlap pants with plants coming out of the pockets.

Lace. Spandex. Ribbon. Love. A few fabrics of Costume Confidential. #unlockyourtemptation

Dragon Lord, we bow down to you sir.

Chainmail tunic, vinyl chest armor with dragon scale details, vinyl full helmet, layered faux leather belt overlay, arm guards and shin guards with studded accents.

Cheers to a great show!