This year’s Catalog Cover features our New for 2014 Elite couple: the 1108 Piercing Beauty & 1109 Midnight Count. The concept features a “Vampire Snow Scene” that was created using Stock Photography, Inspiration and creative finessing on the computer. A full moon was added, snow covered trees and the Vampire’s signature skin tone. What resulted was a dramatic atmosphere showing the glamourous couple about to meet after a long day’s rest. In this case, temperatures do rise at night!

We have such a talented design team here at InCharacter Costumes. Here’s a fun inspiration designer Erin Seelert had to create her own personal costumes for 2014.

Designer Denise Schwartz - “Where does a Halloween costume designer go on vacation?!  How about a ghost town!


I wanted to share one of my favorite inspirational destinations, Bodie, CA.  Now a State Historical Park, Bodie is located in a remote area of the Eastern Sierra Nevada, north of Mono Lake.


One of the most remarkable things about Bodie is how well-preserved this ghost town is.  Peering through the aged, runny glass of the windows, it looks like the residents of Bodie left with just the clothes on their back.  The town is frozen in arrested decay and now under the protection of the state of California.


Because of the interesting textures and shapes that are created with the patina of time, and because of it’s infamous history, Bodie is one of my favorite places go for inspiration!’


A lot of times in the world of Graphic Design, “simple” is better. This has always been the case with Punk Rock, and was no different in the final art creation for this character. I wanted to really capture the street feel and raw edgy attitude of “Punk.” I made several versions, but in the end, the simple design won and really did translate the best! 

Make-up inspiration board that inspires us and can be fun for Halloween!

Designer David Santillanes wanted to highlight our new Elite Piercing Beauty for 2014. This costume was inspired by the dark elegance of Morticia Adams from the Adam’s Family Values Film by Universal Pictures. The gown is made of floral lace and satin shimmer, embellished with antique silver braid trim and a jeweled brooch. The batwing shaped peplum gives this style an iconic vampire feel. So go ahead and sink your teeth into this sultry costume. Perfect for channeling your inner vampiress!

OMG! How adorable is our Wee Wooly Mammoth? This little guy is one of our new Lil’ Characters for 2014. Those ears; those eyes!!

Designer David Santillanes - “I wanted to highlight some of my inspiration for the Sexy Snow Queen in our Costume Confidential Collection. My main source of inspiration was a gorgeous ballerina costume featured in a stage production of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.” I really wanted this costume to glimmer and sparkle. While doing some inspirational shopping in the LA Fashion District, I found a blue sequin fabric and jeweled snowflake brooch that were the perfect fit for this style. To give the fur an icicle feel, I added an iridescent bead trim that dangles gently around the arms. The handkerchief skirt is made in layers and iridescent organza and satin. Her sculpted crown is the finishing touch, complete with clear rhinestones, iridescent glitter, and faceted crystals. ”

Our General Manager accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at work so we put her in our “Beautiful Mermaid” costume in keeping with the water theme. Thank you for being a great sport and giving back Joanne!

Our elegant Medieval Queen (#7045/1103) has a presence all her own. Coming up with an embroidery to match her stately elegance, we combined celtic artwork with a mirror image of classical dragons. Using gold thread to pick up the gilded trim and red thread to set off the center jewel, it instantly transforms the wearer to a time of legendary royalty & fantastical dragons. All hail this Medieval Queen!