A lot of times in the world of Graphic Design, “simple” is better. This has always been the case with Punk Rock, and was no different in the final art creation for this character. I wanted to really capture the street feel and raw edgy attitude of “Punk.” I made several versions, but in the end, the simple design won and really did translate the best! 

Make-up inspiration board that inspires us and can be fun for Halloween!

Designer David Santillanes wanted to highlight our new Elite Piercing Beauty for 2014. This costume was inspired by the dark elegance of Morticia Adams from the Adam’s Family Values Film by Universal Pictures. The gown is made of floral lace and satin shimmer, embellished with antique silver braid trim and a jeweled brooch. The batwing shaped peplum gives this style an iconic vampire feel. So go ahead and sink your teeth into this sultry costume. Perfect for channeling your inner vampiress!

OMG! How adorable is our Wee Wooly Mammoth? This little guy is one of our new Lil’ Characters for 2014. Those ears; those eyes!!

Designer David Santillanes - “I wanted to highlight some of my inspiration for the Sexy Snow Queen in our Costume Confidential Collection. My main source of inspiration was a gorgeous ballerina costume featured in a stage production of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.” I really wanted this costume to glimmer and sparkle. While doing some inspirational shopping in the LA Fashion District, I found a blue sequin fabric and jeweled snowflake brooch that were the perfect fit for this style. To give the fur an icicle feel, I added an iridescent bead trim that dangles gently around the arms. The handkerchief skirt is made in layers and iridescent organza and satin. Her sculpted crown is the finishing touch, complete with clear rhinestones, iridescent glitter, and faceted crystals. ”

Our General Manager accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at work so we put her in our “Beautiful Mermaid” costume in keeping with the water theme. Thank you for being a great sport and giving back Joanne!

Our elegant Medieval Queen (#7045/1103) has a presence all her own. Coming up with an embroidery to match her stately elegance, we combined celtic artwork with a mirror image of classical dragons. Using gold thread to pick up the gilded trim and red thread to set off the center jewel, it instantly transforms the wearer to a time of legendary royalty & fantastical dragons. All hail this Medieval Queen!

Designer David Santillanes - The Midnight Count is an all new Elite style for 2014 inspired by Universal Studio’s Classic Film, Dracula, released in 1931. The costume uses a custom satin brocade embellished with antique silver buttons. I handcrafted the jeweled bat pin for the ascot to give the style an iconic vampire element. Here is a concept sketch and a photo of Bela Lugosi who plays the infamous Dracula himself.

People have been asking us how we do the printing on our costumes. The process is called “sublimation printing” and our Circus Psycho is a great example.

“SUBLIMATION PRINTING: A printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.”

Sculptor, Jason Hite – “July is one of my favorite times of the year because Comic-Con invades San Diego. Downtown becomes nothing short of an amusement park flooded with events, art, media, and people!  Even if you don’t have a ticket to get into the convention center, there are countless events to do for free if you can manage the parking! Even the Central Library had a neat mystery scavenger hunt with clues and activities centered around an H.P. Lovecraft theme. 

 In my opinion, Comic-Con is the Mecca of pop culture events. Companies come with their new lines of creative products to impress the masses. I went for 4 days and I still don’t think I saw everything I wanted to see. As an artist, I leave that experience exhausted but I come away with new perspectives and ideas that fuel my imagination. 

 I was especially fascinated by the work of artist Thomas Kuntz’s and his automated sculpture. You can find his work at http://www.thomaskuntz.com/automata/automata.html