Sculptor - Jason Hite - Part of our job here at ICC  in the development department is making comments on the products we get back from China. For sculpted items, we send over a special sculpt tooling, paint master and specification sheet. Then, 30-45 days later, we receive our first pre-production sample. Nine times out of ten, we must make comments to adjust any defects in paint, fit, or any number of odd things that can go wrong between here and China! This is not a glamorous part of the job but it is an integral one. Everything we make goes through a comment process until it is the best product we can make. Last week a style came to my attention that needed some help. Take a look at the problem, and solution I proposed to fix it. This also just happened to be the very first thing I sculpted for ICC back in November of 2011! 

Designer, David Santillanes - “I wanted to highlight our all new Costume Confidential Blushing Bride! Here is a close up of the bodice embroidery and the bustle that attaches to the corset, along with the concept sketch and a photo of the costume itself. It’s also perfect for a glamorous summer wedding. So slip on this sexy wedding gown and tie the knot!”

Happy 4th of July from InCharacter Costumes!!!

Here are some accessory images of designs and final pieces Jason Hite did for the Dark King

Designer, Denise Schwartz, answers that one tough question all designers are asked here at InCharacter… Which costume is your all-time favorite? Her answer didn’t surprise us… “With so many outstanding costumes from Incharacter, it’s a tough choice, but one of my all-time favorites is our Costume Confidential’ s Pharaoh’s Treasure.  My sketchbook explains why”. Which one is your favorite?

The Naughty Nymph from our all new Gold Key Collection making it’s debut this Halloween! The inspiration for this character came with the vision of a sexy fairy that was edgy and feminine. She’s magically mesmerizing but still has a dark side.

More fun pictures from Wondercon in Anaheim 2014!

Our 18048 Skeleton Bling tween costume has that extra shine-tastic presence! After hand drawing different sized jewels, rings, pearls & stones, they were imported into the computer and fashioned into a clever skeleton arrangement. A hologram foil screen print pushes the sparkle factor even further. What looks like ribs & bones could actually come from a million dollar jewelry box!

Designer Erin Seelert - I also attended WonderCon and it was such a fun day! There were so many costumes (good and bad…haha)! The Cosplay 101 panel was pretty cool as well, and the model they had on the panel was dressed up in a pretty killer costume and had rad “troll” hair and makeup. In addition to the costumes, there were so many AMAZING and inspiring artists. One artist was giving away free quick sketches of anything you wanted, so I requested “a mermaid eating a shark”… here is a photo of what he sketched for me. Fun!