It’s almost Easter and our Lil’ Bunny can’t wait! We love the little carrot!!

In Graphic Design, there can always be a clever way to solve a problem. At first, our Costume Confidential 8016 Evil Queen was going to have a scrollwork design for the embroidery. But then we decided to push it. Bring in some more personality to the character. Being inspired by evil queens, dragons and ornate wrought iron fences, an amazing solution was born! The Evil Queen’s embroidery morphs into a hidden dragon’s face. At first you might not see it, but that is the secret surprise that transforms a costume into a Treasure! 

Here is a close look at the amazing detail that went into the sculpts of our Elite Pirate Zombie along with the original concept sketch. Makes you kinda sea sick doesn’t it? 

We hope everyone had a great Saint Patrick’s Day!! This Lil’ Leprechaun just got back from Ireland and is now getting ready to change into his bunny suit!  


In bed with Simone Rocha and her latest collection. 

Photograph by Emma Summerton; styled by Caroline Newall; W magazine April 2014. 

Here is the Dark Angel’s Desire sketch and a snapshot of the model at the photo shoot. This gorgeous design is by our designer David Santillanes. Stay tuned for an upcoming video showcasing the development of this style titled “Behind the Wings.”  

Hands down, the best dressed star at the Oscars!

(via sequins-and-carousels)

Designer, David Santillanes, shows off one of his featured designs at the 2014 Halloween & Party Expo. Awesome job David! The Dark Sorceress is stunning!!